Our Mission

We want to create 500 Rupee Billionaires in 20 years or less using aggressive leaders businesses by compounding money consistently by more than 25% CAGR

Moderate Compounders

To generate sustainable returns over the medium to long term by making investments which primarily comprise of equity securities.Under Moderate Compounders, clients' investable funds would primarilybe invested in equity shares and equity-linked instruments issued by companies which are listed in India. Some part of clients' investable funds might be invested in units of money market and liquid funds and some part might be retained as bank balance in a bank account.

Moderate compounders, within the realm of investing, represent companies that exhibit a track record of steady and consistent growth over time. These firms are characterized by their ability to incrementally increase their revenue, earnings, and stock prices, often without the sharp spikes or dramatic fluctuations associated with high-growth companies. They typically operate within mature industries that are not subject to rapid technological disruptions and cater to sectors like consumer staples, utilities, healthcare, and established technology fields.

One distinguishing feature of moderate compounders is their resilience during economic downturns and market volatility. These companies often provide products or services that are considered essential, ensuring a stable customer base even in challenging economic conditions. Many moderate compounders are also known for their commitment to paying dividends to shareholders, making them particularly attractive to income-focused investors.
Moderate compounders tend to have lower price volatility compared to their high-growth counterparts. This lower risk profile can be appealing to investors looking for more stability and predictability in their portfolios. Moreover, their valuations are often based on traditional metrics like price-to-earnings (P/E) ratios or dividend yield, rather than speculative expectations of future growth.

Our strategy

It's an equity investment strategy of investing 60% of the portfolio in large sector leaders and the remaining 40% in emerging companies in which the sectors would benefit in the journey to $5 trillion economy.

These may be new sectors that take off with rising disposable income, changing habits, etc. Moderate compounders are managed by a team with a proven track record of success. This means that the management team has a history of making sound business decisions and growing the company's profits.

Focused On Market

Buying a stock way too early and waiting for it to turn around, is as equal as buying a trending stock at its peak.

Choosing the BEST from the GOOD.

The Risk profile of Moderate compounders fund investor

  • Economic slowdown.
  • Volatility and illiquidity of the stocks.
  • Poor corporate performance, economic policies, changes of Government and its policies.
  • Acts of god, acts of war, civil disturbance, sovereign action and such other acts.

Diversification of Risk