Our Mission

We want to create 500 Rupee Billionaires in 20 years or less using aggressive leaders businesses by compounding money consistently by more than 25% CAGR

Aggressive Leaders

Aggressive Leaders is our high-beta strategy fund which is willing to take a much more proactive, aggressive stance in the Indian equities space. We spot the undiscovered, hidden gems that may be unpopular, and undervalued as of now but have the potential to become huge in the next decade. To pick these winners, the fund scours the markets for smaller businesses that operate in large sectors with a proven track record of great corporate governance and excellent capital allocation but wherein the opportunity for growth is enormous. We select businesses that dominate specific niches of the Indian economy through sustainable competitive advantages built around brands, business processes, and strategic assets, which are more than capable of aggressively capturing market share from both the organized and unorganized players. The next flavour of the decade aims to compound annual growth of over 30%. A tactical investment strategy on a concentrated portfolio and prudent risk management have a high potential to generate a consistent High CAGR. The higher the Conviction and continuation, Higher should be the allocation! Returns are the most dependent variable on Risk Reward and position sizing! If you cut your losers, in the end, You will be left with a portfolio of winners!

Our strategy

High return mindset and target to start with Stock selection based on an in-built proprietary Outperformance Ranking System.

Pre-defined Sell strategies & Drawdown avoidance system for risk management & high CAGR maintenance.

Upsizing or Downsizing of existing positions as per the fundamental developments & trend conditions and risk /reward stage.

Focused On Market

Buying a stock way too early and waiting for it to turn around, is as equal as buying a trending stock at its peak.

Choosing the BEST from the GOOD.

The Risk profile of an Aggressive fund investor

  • moderate to high-risk taker
  • temperament comfort with active management with Churning
  • age less than 60 years old
  • growth companies with exposure to mid and small caps

Diversification of Risk