Why are we called MOAT?

Back in the days, moats were depressions around a castle, usually filled with water, serving as a preliminary line of defence. We believe that it really is the same with businesses as well! All businesses attract competition and `moats’ protect them from the competition that wants to move into their profit pool!

So Moat, a terminology coined by the legendary investor Warren Buffett, actually refers to a business’ ability to maintain competitive advantage. This advantage is difficult to mimic or duplicate and so creates an effective barrier of entry for competitors. We believe the wider a business’ moat, the more likely is its ability to stand the test of time. Which is why we are always on the lookout for businesses with moats, some of the biggest clues of which actually lie in their financial statements!


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Why PMS?

It’s true that India and Indian businesses offers a great investment and wealth creation opportunity that’s hard to ignore. However, choosing an investment candidate may turn out to be tough and challenging for an average investor. In the words of Warren Buffet, “Investing is simple, but not easy”.

One may not have the time or knowledge to dissect financial statements of endless numbers of companies, read annual reports, and listen to contradicting stock gurus in the market and sweat over the slightest price moves your investments undergoes. Moreover, Global integration has made economy and equity markets more volatile and dynamic, making them unpredictable and beyond the rationale of amateur investors. Actively managing your investments with a great degree of conviction, patience, and discipline, may not be high on your priorities

What We Do?

Our professional and dedicated Portfolio Management Team can help you with regard to your investment, keeping you free to focus on your profession! Team Moat with its proven track record, in-depth understanding of the economy, business and stocks market, advanced information systems and world-class infrastructure takes investment decisions on your behalf. Through our PMS, we help you in constructing, organizing and dynamically managing a personalized portfolio of stocks that would deliver a rational performance according to your reasonable expectations.

We also account for all corporate actions related to your investments and report to you in a timely and transparent manner. Our Portfolio Management team takes care of all aspects of investing such as dividends, bonuses, Rights issue. We make it a point to report to you on a timely basis through our simple but transparent portfolio holdings and performance reports while also compiling & providing year-end tax statements of your investments!

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